DHCP Backup & Restore

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Most organizations use DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to provide IP addresses to their clients. If organization schema and network segments is not very dynamic, than DHCP server is not needed to be modifed so often and forgotten somewhere out there.

However, there can be times to restore DHCP configuration when server, service or sth else failed. Further, for a backward check for different reasons, especially for security, old DHCP reservations might be needed. At these times, DHCP backups should exist and be available.

Thanks to netsh command, that helps us backup up and restore DHCP configuration. Here it is:

To Backup DHCP
[code language=”bash”]
netsh dhcp server \\servername dump > DHCP-Backup-Server.txt

To Restore DHCP
[code language=”bash”]
netsh exec DHCP-Backup-Server.txt

Hope you do not need these, but being ready for different scenarios makes feel more comfortable.

Good days…