Get Password Last Set

by , under Active Directory

Active Directory powershell module is one of my favorite ones. Daily routines can easily be done or different systems integration becomes so easy with it. Especially, without trying to learn Active Directory gui search syntax (ldap, I mean), results can be taken out and formatted as intended. I like it. Check this article to have an idea about what I mention basically.

The code snippet below gets “PasswordLastSet” attribute (with default attributes of Get-ADUser) of all “enabled” active directory users, sort results by user name and outputs “SamAccountName”,”Name” and “PasswordLastSet”.

[code language=”powershell”]
Import-Module ActiveDirectory
Get-ADUser -Filter ‘Enabled -eq "True"’
-Properties PasswordLastSet|

sort Name|`
ft SamAccountName,Name,PasswordLastSet -AutoSize