Little Insprations

Data chunks to leverage your career on world class system design

I am sharing my ideas for global improvement

This blog is all about sharing my experiences on some of the areas I worked on, my journey about how I learned and precious data on some specific technical stuff.

For anyone who follow this page, I aim to decline his/her learning curve of the topics I mention.

My Expertises

After years of work on different technologies, I am following my career path as an exceptional system architect.

System Administration

I have worked both on Linux and Windows based enterprises as system administrator from top to bottom.

Infrastructure Improvement

I not only manage the infrastructures I am responsible, but also work on improving design and monitoring metrics to make better.

Cloudy Days

Nearly 2 years ago, I have shifted my focus from on-premise systems to cloud. Today, I am working on well-known platforms like Amazon AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure for different needs. There is a range of different services I use, from GCP Stackdriver to AWS Glacier, Azure VM Snapshot to GCP disk backup, etc...

Here are some of my skills...

Linux System Management
Container Technologies
Cloud Services (AWS,GCP & Azure)
Infrastructure Design
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Windows System Management
Windows Server Features
HA Systems Implementation
Server Security Hardening
Fix & Troubleshooting